Escape The Flames EP

by Davey Rogner

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These songs were recorded during breaks on the road with Pick Up America. The songs are inspired by my yearning for a more sustainable planet and the love I feel when pursuing those ends.

Causes to support:


released July 9, 2012

All lyrics and music - guitars, vocals, djembes, bass -is written, performed and composed by Davey Rogner.

Michelle Miller played Cello on Awaken.Dreamstate.
Kirk Kubicek played Drums on Adam Smith
Ian Otto Collins played the synthy strings on Escape the Flames
Ian Otto Collins played the drums on To Day

All tracks were recorded and mixed as a donation to my time with Pick Up America and the pursuit of stewardship in America. Many thanks to Ira Dechter, Andrew Grossman, Ian Otto Collins, Seth Evans, as well as Ian and Andrew's parents for helping me record.

Special thanks to Fatty Jay Designs for the energetic release in the album art!

This EP is being put out by The Harvest Collective Records. AKA the CD packets I can put together myself, on the PUA Bus, made per order.




Davey Rogner Silver Spring, Maryland

Davey Rogner is a nature lover, musician, and activist originally hailing from Silver Spring, MD. Since March 2010 he has been blazing a path of stewardship and social change as the co-founder of Pick Up America - the nation's first coast-to-coast litter pick-up. Within his music, Davey channels deep awareness of nature and self to yearn for a more sustainable planet. ... more

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Track Name: Awaken.Dreamstate.
Gaze Hazy
No need to stay awake
This War is Crazy
Create my own Space.

Even if it's only in my head, I do Believe
Even if it's only in our heads, We do believe
That were stronger than...
We are stronger than the US Military

My Darling
We've got it in our hands
You are glowing
Emit your stance.

Even if it's only in my head, I do Believe
Even if its only in our heads, maybe we do believe
That we're stronger than all the militaries
That we've got more clout than the monetary
and maybe if we believe in our own sovereignty
we could relax and live so peacefully

Entrenched daydream
Step Lightly on this earth
Careen freely
Stop my search

Even if it's only in my head, we do believe
Even if it's only in my head, I know I'm not crazy
Even if it's only in my head, baby we do believe
Even if it's only in my head, I feel free
Track Name: Adam Smith
There's a clown in the rainforest and he's got a chainsaw in his pocket.
He says "Boy I gotta do what I gotta do to run up that profit."
But I said "How can you exploit the world when we're all of the same grace."
He says "Boy, you'll soon learn that getting the most for yourself is your only worth."

This man degrades.
He knows nothing of the broad waves that connect all those living.
All he'll take to the grave is a longing for some peace he never made.

Smiling but caught somewhere 'tween ego and insecurity.
He's heralded for what some call ingenuity.
But I says "How can we rebuild the world when idolize his being?"
He says "Boy you'll soon learn that getting the most for yourself first is your and the earth's only worth."

We can't let him lead
For he's lost the means to connect with other
Living, Living things

He can find it in the laughter of a child
He can find it in the refuge of the wild
He can find it on the wings of an albatross
He can find it if he's not afraid of loss
Track Name: Escape The Flames
Once upon a time the vines they climbed so high, they defined us all in their confines.
And it was a crime to cut them, For those who primed them pepper-sprayed all of us into their sins.

It hasn't rained for days. The cracked dirt swelters in a haze.
And we the people are in a craze cause we're waiting to be saved by some holy sage.
Who's going to quench our thirst? I look to the sky for birth.
Could the search define our worth?
I look to the sky and my eyes burn. It's only getting worse.

We ran through the forests maze. Through the vines that have grown crooked from our grandfather's ways. When we find nothing my wills beat down by the suns rays. As we break down and pray we see the forest ignite ablaze.
So we ran from the flames takin all that we might want to remain. We're helpless to nature's instincts.
We can only gaze and watch that world burn away.

We escape the flames.

New time will make out hearts firm to peel. We learn that we define what is real. It's not their confines we should live by, but whatever it is that we feel! and inside you sense so much more open your heart and explore the vast horizons of you.

In the ashes we'll that what's important - the nutrients - still remains. When we work together we'll be the change that's been waiting.
A belief in the new place will guide us straight.
When we work together we'll be the change, We'll be the change the drought was signaling.

We escape the flames.
The tao will flow to a new phase
We escape the flames

Place our hearts firm to peel. Learn that inside our minds we define what is real. It's not their confines we should live by, but whatever it is that we feel.
Track Name: To Day
A breath, A sigh unleashed at dawn
The fresh pink soaks a new days calm
As the breaking sun hovers in my dew soaked leaves
I perceive that serenity exists

It's just been waiting for so long. To receive my to be released by my tender bliss.

I need the sun to feel my peace
Radiance allows me to be
I need to branch out to feel the breeze
For I am only a union becoming

Because I inhale today, I must love the chase that's coming.
Because I exhale today, I must love myself and the embrace
Cause it's not right if we can't meet half-way.